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With digital screen sizes from 17” to 65” and backlit side panels on larger machines, there are great opportunities for branding and advertising across the range. All content and scheduling is run centrally through the management platform and can be localised to individual RVMs.

There are flexible options allowing you to generate additional revenue with no extra admin, or alternatively communicate your own brand messages and promotions.

A number of flexbile options...

If you’d like to give your machine a unique look we can arrange to have your machine customised with your choice of wrap design and branding.

Your reverse vending machine location is likely to have a good footfall in public areas, attracting and engaging ‘walk by’ consumers to recycle empty beverage containers in return for a reward. 

With its ability to run hi-res audio visual advertising, brands that advertise are utilising a powerful platform. We find that reverse vending machines encourage consumers to make special visits to recycle multiple empties for greater reward, driving repeat visits and more effective brand exposure.  

The ‘reward’, typically discount vouchers or loyalty card points operated by retailers, helps drive consumers to ‘spend’ more with them.

  • We will manage all sales to national and local advertisers using an appointed specialist
  • You have control of who advertises on the screen
  • Content management and scheduling is taken care of
  • Include your own selected messages in the rotation
  • You receive a share of advertising revenue

We set you up with access and training to schedule content in the management platform

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