Frequently Asked Questions about our reverse vending machines...

A highly efficient recycling machine that is used by the general public to deposit empty single-use beverage containers in return for a monetary or non monetary reward. Once the machines are filled, the compacted bottles and cans are collected  for onward recycling. RVMs provide a simple and effective solution to prevent beverage container waste from polluting our land and oceans.

 RVMs have gained significant popularity in the last five years. Impressive levels of user engagement across Europe has led to up to 97% beverage container recycling waste in some countries.

Yes, the RVM 1000, 1500 and 2000 can all accept glass bottles.

Empty drinks containers including plastic bottles and metal cans with some models also accepting glass bottles too.

Government Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) may vary with different rewards and/or rebates. Without DRS , discounts, promotions and special offers from participating businesses can all be offered including making charitable donations.

Yes, the machine can issue a QR code that can be used to redeem rewards at participating businesses. Alternatively, the machines can be configured to work with mobile applications.

All Ecovend machines will accept empty containers of up to 3 litres.

A breakdown detailing both accepted/rejected products (e.g. 2 litre bottle) along with timings, volumes, barcoding/QR codes across any date range.

 Yes, please contact us on 01992 765 206.

 Yes, we provide backup for all machines across the UK and have partners set up in various EU and UAE countries.

We can collect the materials subject to volume of materials and location, if this is of interest please contact . Alternatively, you can use your existing waste management service provider.

Yes, we can provide and fit a wrap according to your design and preferences.

Yes, this is a particularly attractive feature of our machines. We can advise and/ or assist you with this.

 240V/ 110V- 3 pin plug with 13 amp

 Idle 60W and In Use- ranges from 1000W to 1500W only at point of compaction.


 IP40-1053 depending on model type.

Pests can not get into the units as they are fully enclosed with secure locks at both the front and rear of the units.

All of our machines are fully compliant with European legislation and CE Kite marked to meet the following standards EN 60335-1, EN62233, BS EN61000-6. Low voltage 2014/35/EU, EMC-directive (2014/30/EU) machine directive 2006/42/EC EMC-directive )2014/30/EU machinery safety BS EN ISO 13854.